Why the Grills for Teeth Trend is Popular Amongst Artists

What is the secret behind the sparkling smiles of hip-hop artists, rappers and movie stars? Apart from having white, clean teeth, a lot of celebrities make use of dental grills for teeth - decorative covers derived from silver, gold, or other precious metals with prices ranging from $20 to thousands of dollars. These devices - also referred to as fronts or "grills" - snap over one or more teeth to provide the user with a Hollywood smile.

The trend toward tooth coverings was accelerated in the past years by rappers and hip-hop icons like Paul Wall and Nelly. Although rich musicians and a few athletes have spent a lot of dollars to adorn their teeth with grills designed from platinum and gold, the majority of the young adults and teenagers that want to copy these previously mentioned celebrities achieve this by buying cheap do-it-yourself kits from local jewelers or online.

Dental grills are often detachable however some people have changed their teeth to look like a grill. Others make use of permanent cement to attach the grill. To stay away from trouble, remember to brush and floss on a regular basis. Poor oral hygiene can lead to a lot of issues for dental grill users. This is due to the fact that food, as well as other debris, may lodge between the grill and the teeth, prompting bacteria to multiply.

Everyone knows that celebrities love to show off their grills for teeth, but they are not new trends. They existed way back in history, especially in ancient Egypt. There are other theories debating that the ones who really popularized the use of grills for teeth was the Etruscans. Whether who started it first, what really matters here is that it has revived today as part of a fashion for most celebrities, which was different in the past.

First, the ancient Mayans have been practicing dental mutilation, wherein it involved drilling the jade stones into the teeth as a symbol of status and wealth. In the eighties, grills became really famous in New York all thanks to the rappers like Big Daddy Kane and Flavour Flav. They were there ones who love to wear gold fronts on their teeth. Their grills were designed by a jewellery designer named Eddie Plein, who is still creating fashion grills for rappers these days. The basics of a grill are very simple - it is made out of metal which can either be platinum, silver or gold, which the third one is the most popular choice. They can be decorated with precious stones and the common one is diamonds. In the late 90s, grills have become a part of the pop culture trend all thanks to celebrities like Nelly, Juvenile, Kanye West and Paul Wall.

Paull Wall and his contribution to the Grills

Paul Wall was born in Houston and appeared together with Nelly during their platinum hit entitled “Grillz” in the year 2007. He was already a successful rapper before that, yet this one was considered as his big break and most people started noticing the diamonds placed on his mouth. That was his grills, in which some of them were estimated to cost about $30,000 and was the most notable, by far, within the hip-hop community. He took advantage of this recognition and made it into a business. You probably heard of his company named Grills by Paul Wall wherein he designs specialty grills that are usually ordered by high profile clients like Kanye West.

The Cost of the Grills

Since grills are custom made wherein it is made specifically for the size and form of the teeth of its wearer, the cost of each varies. A simple designed grill that is made from less precious stones and gold can start at $150, but it can go more than $100,000 if there are huge amounts of many precious stones like diamonds.

The Process

First, a mold kit is made for your teeth and then the designer will be formulating the grill which is based on your preferences. A grill can only take around 4 days to get finished, but the custom grille can take longer for around 2 weeks. Some grills are designed to be permanent, yet most of them can be detached.

It is not only the hip-hop or the music industry that have taken a ride in this trend. Take a look at athletes as they sport them out, too.