What to Look For in a Door Entry Automation System


If you are looking for a door entry automation system, please understand that you have to do it in a systematic and methodical way. You cannot be casual or lazy about it; otherwise, it's too easy to screw things up – it really is. Door entry automation systems directly impact the safety and security of people in your building. Whether you are looking for such a system for your home or your small business, always remember that there is a lot at stake.

For example: If you run a commercial enterprise, there might be insurance liability issues. We're talking about tens of thousands if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars you would be on the hook for if you don't manage your security systems properly. This is why it's a good idea to master to some degree the ability to select door entry automation systems. This way, you can make sure that whatever product you select makes the most sense, as far as your premises are concerned.

It needs to have the right fit and maximum protection; at the same time, staying within your budget limits. Please keep the following considerations in mind:

The Right Size

Make sure that the automation system fits the size of your main entrance. This is crucial because a lot of business owners actually buy the smallest automation system they can find. They think that as long as their door is working properly they can immensely lean on the security features and save money by essentially buying fairly light automation system. This is a serious mistake because if you get a lot of foot traffic, you need an opening system that can have a long enough product life to maximize your total use value.

You have to understand the concept of total use value – you take the price of the product and you divide it by how many times you get to successfully use the product – the lower the per use cost, the better the value of the product. On the other hand, if the system breaks down rather quickly, this means that you already operated it a few times and it’s per use value cost is actually quite high. Pay attention to the impact of durability because this goes a long way in your ability to get every red cent of value out of your door entry system purchase.

The Right Power

Make sure that there is a backup operation for your entry automation system. The last thing that you want is for a blackout to happen and somebody gets trapped or your system stops working altogether. There has to be some sort of backup that uses a battery infrastructure.

If anything goes wrong, usually, the system would go back up within 24 hours – this is the industry standard. This should give you plenty of time to ensure that the system is back up and operational.


Make sure that the manufacturer and retailer that you bought from give you some sort of warranty. If they don't even have confidence in their work, this should be a red flag for you. You should be very careful because this might indicate serious problems down the road. As early as possible, do yourself a big favor and make sure that everything is on the up-and-up, as far as warranties are concerned.

Now this doesn't mean that you have to expect the world or that you're going to look for a five-year or ten-year or something ridiculously lengthy; provided that it's long enough in light of the typical work life of the product, then go for the product with the warranty.