Should You Pair CCTVs with Door Entry Automation?


There is a one common practical rule many homes and premises security planners subscribe to - if you can get more security, go ahead and get it. In other words, there's no such thing as too much security.
Viewed from this perspective, the question of whether you should pay your CCTV unit with door entry automation is pretty much a no-brainer.

If you can get access to affordable CCTV protection, then do so. Door entry automation can help you restrict access but if that fails, then your CCTV will at least capture the image of the perpetrators; making the police investigation easier. This also helps you with your insurance claims.

Make it easier on yourself by investing on a CCTV system. The great thing about this is that as time goes by, newer models that come with more improved technology can be availed at a lower price. Not only are we talking about CCTVs that record footage for a far longer time, they also produce clear images. Many are quite intelligent in the sense that they know where to shift their focus and record, based on prior patterns.

Whatever the case may be, look to back up your door entry automation; don't put all your eggs in one basket. Even the best automated door system breaks down occasionally. You should pair it with another supplemental safety and security device; a CCTV network is definitely a good idea. You should also consider other security features for your home or small business.

The More Security Systems the Better, but You Need the Central Management System

Now here's the tricky part: its one thing to understand that you need to maximize as many security features and systems with your equipment – most people can agree to that. The problem is if all this supplementation is going to leave you in a position where you're essentially trying to get data and access control from a wide range of sources, located all over your house or business establishment. This might actually create more problems than it can solve.

The good news here is that usually, security system pairings and automation can be reduced to a system. Talk to a qualified electrician and see if they can automate system monitoring and system control along with putting it all in one panel. Thanks to the work of many home security device companies that made mobile app-based systems, it has become easier to network all these devices together and monitor all of their performance, as well as do some inputs from your mobile phone.

The great thing about CCTV pairing is that you get a seamless security coverage for the premises you are monitoring. You can even add on all sorts of additional security features like motion detectors for lights. The big problem with any ‘carpet monitoring’ approach, of course, is cost. The more features you pack into an area, the more the whole system costs. Keep this in mind. You might need to be more strategic with such end to end coverage.