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As you can tell, our website is a work in progress. We're really trying to make sure that we offer the best information on our site. Accordingly, we would like to ask for your help to achieve this goal.

Becoming the premier online resource of everything and anything related to door-opening systems is quite a bit of a challenge. After all, there are hundreds if not, thousands of different product lines out there. There are dozens of brands and manufacturers and there's so much information to keep track of. We only have so many staff members to help us in our mission. This is where you come in.

By simply sharing with us the information that we asked for below, you could definitely help us take this website a long way in achieving its stated goals and aims.


If you are aware of certain door-opening system resources, please share them. We will publicize them. Yes, we will do all of this, even if the resource is competing against us. We are true believers in win-win situations and that as long as our target audience gets access to the right information, then everybody wins.


If you click through any of the listings on this website and end up always on a 404 error page, do let us know. We understand that dead links have a direct impact on the viewing experience and enjoyment of our viewers and this is why we are actively asking for your assistance in identifying dead links. Just send in the report and we will be sure to fix the dead link; we would either link it to the correct website, bring up the right page or we will come up with a different link.


If you are familiar with the industry and there are some late-breaking events that you think a national audience or interested people would want to hear about, feel free to share the news. We will definitely publicize it through all our social media accounts that are followed by industry observers; the more news you share with us, the further we can inform the national market of individuals engrossed in door-opening systems.


If any of the information related in this website is not presented in an intuitive way or is not easy to find, please let us know. If you ever encounter a link or navigation system of this website that leads to some sort of confusion, do bring it to our attention. We understand that when people have issues with navigation, they usually bounce out – we don't want this to happen. We want people to stay and enjoy the information here so they can make better decisions as far as door-opening systems are concerned.

Just Want Someone to Talk to?

If you are confused regarding a particular door management topic and you can't find that topic here, don't give up. If you just want someone to talk to, do us a big favor and reach out to us. We will either give you the information you're looking for or direct you to resources that may have that information. The bottom line here is that our online door is always open.

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